Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SL/RL Synthesis Note (49): "The SL Hoe"

I was chatting with some female SL friends and the question came up: "What if the SL Avie you were interested in told you that he/she wanted a hoe for an sl mate?"

The real question I heard was "Why do women tolerate relationships with men in SL who seem only focused on sex and control?" and its a good question. I'll begin my OPINION on the matter by saying that I believe there was a time early in the history of SL when people visited the grid from all walks of life for various reasons and some stayed because of the relationships they had developed and the possibilities that existed to expand/explore the creative mind. Some strong RL relationships were created during that time, however, not many of those people are still around.

I believe word got in the street and around the "hood" that you could meet women who want to have sex in this virtual game called "Second Life" and thereafter a different type of resident began to emerge, male and female. Most of the male avies (the ones who are actually RL men) who participate in romantic and sexual relationships in SL are not interested in engaging in a "real" way. I believe like some women, these men are not yet mature in navigating relationships with women (shy, introverted, awkward RL) and the women in SL are "practice" at becoming something they always dreamed of! It is a different way of understanding role play. Conversely there are many MANY women (some of whom intended to also play SL as a "game") who get caught up because they are not prepared for the depth of emotion they feel when an avatar they created in their grandest vision (model perfect!) acquires admirers they may believe they would never have attracted in their real life (not also considering that the men probably look nothing like their avatar).

Here is the science/psychology part, but I'll try to make it interesting.  When engaged in a virtual version of a physical act (hugging, kissing, sex) our brains respond the same way they would if we were actually touching (google "mirror neurons" if you're bored). The endorphins released when completely engaged in a sexual act (those aches and tingles that get your RL butt sliding around in the chair) give the same feeling mothers have when bonding to their baby. (As an aside, the longer you are engaged in these acts per session per day further solidifies that "bonded" feeling) It is this reason, I believe, that so many women become "attached" to their SL partners in a way that devastates them in RL when the relationship ends. They have absolutely no idea how it happened, but they can not seem to shake it. Of course not, nature designed women to "attach" to those with whom they connect in this way. The next thing you know she is wandering the grid, either creating drama for the man and his new chick (hoping he'll come back), or searching tirelessly to find another who can fill that void (or both).

I have learned that it is much easier and a lot healthier to leave SL altogether for an extended period after something like this to allow yourself to stabilize and get clear about what is really important in your life. If you hope for a sustainable quality relationship in second life you'll find that its just not possible. Relationships that endure in SL are extended to RL. (i.e., couples that met on the grid and then in RL and are now together, or couples who came to SL together from RL) Expecting anything more than a "fun time" for a brief period, is not realistic... its fantasy. If you are lonely RL, you will not resolve that in SL... not in a meaningful way that supports your continued growth and development. If you long for a loving connection, significant, enduring partnership, you are much better off focusing on creating that in your real life beginning with loving yourself and acknowledging that you are worthy of having that and then making whatever changes are necessary in your life for that to manifest. Like attracts like... BE the person you want to attract... and he will find you!

Peace and many blessings...

p.s. I recently watched a children's cartoon called "Adventure Time" titled "All the Little People (Episode 5) while combing my daughter's hair. This episode is so profoundly relevant to this post that if you are able to find the full episode it is worth the view... Namaste <3

Friday, July 6, 2012

"Eshu's (Elegba) Release" a poem

i was so tired of running
on the journey
my steps had become
like those
of a dead man walking

i’d whispered in the dark
prayers of relief
gone unanswered
and moved
like a zombie crisp
from high heather

approaching a crossroad
my shadow looming
i watched as my singular view
lost convergence

at the critical split
the sun’s hue
refracted against your cool glare
i blinked three times
third eye blurred
by the hazy ripples
but I saw you there.
"Elegba at The CrossRoads" by Karmella Hines  (2003)
Felt your beckon too
but resisted
don’t take too kindly to
and you, there
at that time
in that space
sure seemed strange
to me

intoxicated by persistence
i could not resist
what appeared to be
a compass
in your hand

i was already hot
but drawn to you
feeling your blaze
somewhere inside I knew
…to follow you…

strapped on my wings
like Icarus
that Bird’s Eye view
would help me to know which
path to take

i felt you lift me
and moved like air
through the blazing heat
into pure ecstasy

i ‘d never felt such
complete abandon
Uninhibited, Unrestricted
with you at my underwing
I believed…
I was free

“Higher, higher” I demanded
until at once
i realized you were not there
from a distance I could see you
through the haze,
out of my reach

panic ensued
fear consumed me
and became sadness
and sadness
became rage
you’d abandon-ed me
when I most needed you

but then I realized you were
…still watching..
and I realized I had
…come this far
…and I realized
I Could Fly

and so
i exhaled the last tear
called forth your gift
…Authentic Faith…
allowed my wings to catch the wind
pulled up
and left the crossroad behind me…

Acuminous Watanabe © 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

"The CrossRoad" a poem

seeking Divine Serenity
her teardrops fall so tenderly
she accepts the change
hopes for tomorrow
prays for relief from her sorrow

finding Courage
she finds her grace
rises from darkness
and wipes her face

she knows
that she must be strong
although the path
appears too long

Elegbara at the Crossroads by Barbara Nesin
North and South
East and West
she doubts she’s ready
for this quest

in each direction
so much unknown
but she must choose
or suffer on

the Sun relentless
with its heat
reminds her “Will”
must move her feet

Divine Wisdom
whispers sweet insight
“Away from darkness
toward the Light.”

she inhales deeply
and exhales Peace
turns to her shadow
the fear has ceased.

Her journey of a thousand miles
begins today
…and so she smiles.

Acuminous Watanabe © 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

"my Bindi" a poem

west winds blew
and the brush unsettled
sweeping me into promise
of sweet serenity
holding onto withered branches
He caressed each finger
tenderly loosening the binds what could not be

gentle peace lines his breath
each word engendering surrender
beckoning me along the pathway
i follow faithfully, my heart pounds
fighting the resistance to

a pause in the trail
I am engulfed in fear
Forgetting Everything is All Right
His steps firmly planted
supporting each stumble
tenderly cradling
...each need.

abating doubt once more
and once more again
unaffected by the uncertainty
He carries each burden
my boulder, His stone
and securely insists
...His lead.

His patience unwavering
His certainty reassures
enraptured by his strength
enfolded with is love
His hand I accept and walk

...and into the wilderness
He nurtures and guides
each step a new promise
each breath a renewal
with each heartbeat love woven

embracing the flaws
tending each wound
He masterfully reaches
pulling forward my light
with strength I move with certainty His side, peacefully.

authenticity opened the way
good faith encouraged my stay
His truth a symbol of faith
made tangible in his embrace
a place made within my soul,
...forever my Bindi.

(c)2012 Acuminous Watanabe

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Souls MATE" a poem

i want someone to love
who will love me back
who will stop at nothing
to keep Our bond in tact

someone who will not suppose
instead confidently asks
and who will make my happiness
a high priority task

i want someone to love me
with all His soul and  might
who's not afraid to confront me
because I'm worth the fight

Nature's Embrace by Josephine Wall 
i want and need to be held
laid down sweet and tender
i want to give Him all of me
and feel total surrender

i want someone to love me
who is not ashamed
to hold and to cry with me
when i am in pain

i want someone to feel me
my love is so intense
have him accept me fully
even if i don't make sense

i want Our love to symbolize
for all who care to see
the beauty that is in God's love
sent through Him to me

i want to know the longing
the aching i endure
the burning from the passion
from which Our soul's made pure

i want someone to share my heart
Our fire like the Sun
Our hearts in love are intertwined
Souls Mate becoming
  ...Divine One...
(c) 2012 Acuminous Watanabe

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SL/RL Synthesis Note (48): "Life Is Worth Living"

The news of the Death of Don Cornelius by suicide came as a real shock to me. Contemplating how a man who seemingly had it all, ...wealth, fame, legacy… could not find happiness or understand his value and purpose enough to feel the value of LIFE opens the way to consider what we make priority.

Its caused me to reflect deeply on my relationships in Life, first and second and the number of people I encounter who are hurting so deeply, although wearing a fearless mask, and are struggling to find their value and purpose too.

Life is complicated, and people never change when things are going well. Our world is filled with messages that encourage our fears and sometimes we get stuck because we worry that we will make a mistake, or there is nothing better.

There is always something better, when you are not happy.


However, sometimes in the grand “role play” that is living, we have to experience discomfort in what is familiar to discover something new…something greater…than we knew existed in our current understanding. Pain is part of Joy. Hate is part of Love. One could not exist without the other. To live in FEARLESS emotion is to understand that the obstacles in our lives are TRULY opportunities to learn something new, to grow in have faith. Giving up should never be an option, because more often than not, around the corner is the bliss we feel is eluding us.

I pray that Don is now at peace and that the family he leaves behind is able to move through this pain now imposed upon their lives in a way that helps illuminate their true purpose…. It certainly has for me…

You are beautiful, you have value, your life has a purpose

…and if no one has told you today, I love you!

In peace,

p.s. I wrote the attached poem in honor of Don and all of us who have struggled and may be struggling. Live life in fearless emotion. LIVE LIFE in FEARLESS EMOTION… God bless XO

Living In Fearless Emotion (a poem)

Living In Fearless Emotion

Born from Divine Oneness
Seeking destiny
Human flesh makes tangible

The reality of life
And its guarantee
Is that each day
Will be filled with uncertainty

Sometimes we laugh
Sometimes we cry
Living In Fearless Emotion
We wonder “why?”

Every tear, on each face
Tastes the same
Doesn’t matter the difference
In color, place or name

Life’s test is to question
The things that we see
Although born from perfection
We’re part of life’s impurity
Divinely chosen existence
We experience vibration
hurt, joy, fear, pain
Live to feel each sensation

Walk life’s journey as our body grows old
Become Peace by piece

© Acuminous Watanabe (2012)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't Try To Fix Me (a poem)

Don’t try to fix me
I am not broken
You’ll get a sprain
from that ego you strokin’

That horse you’re ridin’
May seem high
But my face still meets yours 
Eye to eye

You look at me
And what you see?
A projection of
Your personality…

From strokin' that ego
To beating my wall
I built it to last
You want it to fall

If you saw through the cracks
Shining light on me
Would you be afraid
Of what you see?

I am a mirror
To your soul
Clues to what’s under
The martyr you extol

Make me a distraction
So empty inside
Though relieved for a moment
Inner hunger unsatisfied.

Don’t try to fix me
I am not broken
You’ll get a sprain
from that ego you strokin’

Infinite directions
Our paths’ the same
The kinship you feel
Is from choosing this lane.

Look beyond
The problems you see
Maybe there you’ll find

(c) Acuminous (2012)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

SL/RL Synthesis Note (47): "2012: The End?"

Welcome to 2012! Is this the end?

I knew it was coming. I got my first “store-some-water-and-food-the-end-is-coming-in-December” note from one of my in-world acquaintances. Let me get on top of this thing RIGHT NOW! (chuckles)

For the past year there has been a lot of hype around the end date of a 5,125-year-long Mayan calendar. December 21, 2012 is supposed to bring a huge occurrance. Spiritualist believe there will be a consciousness transformation and scholars believe the abuse of natural resources will come to a head in cataclysmic events. There are of course people who believe it’s all bogus and the biggest thing that will happen on 12/21/2012 is that the day will turn to night and when we awake, it will be December 22nd.

Regardless of any of these possible outcomes and predictions, it is hard to ignore that SOMETHING is happening in our culture and world. Without a defined date, change IS occurring and I predict that big things ARE coming that will surely contribute to our evolution. Will it be the end of the world? I doubt it. The end of the world as we understand it now? Quite possibly!

I think people forget sometimes that things were not always the way they are now. There was a time when there was no Internet, no computers, no phones, no planes, no cars, and so on. We have been evolving for some time now, constantly creating and innovating ways to make our lives better. As our lives improve, our ideas become more complex, our brains develop more in line with the pace of our environment and culture.

Not a long time ago, it was unimaginable that millions worldwide could be in contact with each other simultaneously. We have access to more information, more PEOPLE than ever before in human existence. We no longer need the media or newspapers, as biased as they are, to inform us of what is going on in other parts of the world. Consuming information fed to us in a way that engenders fear and a craving for protection is becoming less the norm. Today with the Internet and social networking, we can easily join our hearts and minds in thoughtful, peaceful response to challenging world events. This can only facilitate a HUGE shift in our own ideas about ourselves and the collective whole of the world.

As I write this, I am listening to a news report of Obama’s signature on a defense bill that will regulate the detention, interrogation and prosecution of AMERICAN CITIZENS suspected of being terrorist. In essence ANYONE can be detained INDEFINATELY if suspected of terrorist involvement in the United States as of today, January 1, 2012. In an election year, this is surely a sign of more to come and the outcome of the election might contribute to a shift in SOMETHING as we are ending the year.

We all feel it. I hear over and over this increase in anxiety and a sense of frustration around the state of world affairs. People are asking different kinds of questions about religion and government and are positioning themselves to be heard and answered (see  Living in fear is not natural to our bodies, there must be a balance between *growth* and *protection* to survive. Could it be that collectively we are seeking to evolve out of a social paradigm of fear, and that it is finally culminating at this time in our development as human beings? No more fear of world domination, obliteration, degradation, depreciation, segregation? That sounds AMAZING, but I digress from my Jesse Jackson moment. (grin)

I don’t believe any of it is worthy of fear. In contrast, confusion, doubt chaos and crisis, anger, despair and pain are all excellent conditions for growth. No one ever evolves when things are going GOOD. It is when we reach a place of discomfort that we seek necessary change to be at peace again. Collectively, we all seem to be ready for this as we begin a new year. 2012 presents a wonderful opportunity to move ourselves and our community toward something better than we have been in years past.

What is most important is that each person be open and receptive to looking at our own fears and inner darkness in a different light, and willing to SEEK the change desired. I will start with ME and act on those changes in my own life that will bring my heart more happiness and fulfillment. From there, I will work to make similar changes in my community and as one drop of water is part of the ocean, I will do my part to heal the world.

Are you ready to make that move too? If not now, when?   

With a gentle nudge of encouragement... :)
I love you XO

p.s. For more commentary on conspiracy theories like the Illuminati and New World order see Joining The Illuminati

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