Thursday, November 20, 2008

SL/RL Synthesis Note (24): *I* Set ME Free

Song of the Moment: "Sojourn of Arjuna" by Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

It has been sometime since I've written a note. In recent months I've been seriously contemplating the meaning of my life... first and second. My relationship with SL continues to be a battle, for which I have consistently sought a peaceful resolve. There are no words to express what I have gained and lost in my time here and in a few days, I will meet my rez day for the second time. I began the SL/RL Relationships Group discussions as I sought answers around SL relationships and only recently have I discovered that it is my relationship with SL that is of primary concern and importance for me.

The question has always been, "Who am I and what am I supposed to be doing?" I grew so tired of the rigor of RL and the constant anxiety around fulfilling some societal, predetermined life purpose, that ultimately I was forced to surrendering to something outside of myself (out of my realm of control) to give me guidance and direction.  It was then that I found SL. The connections I have made here have filled me with joy, fear, pain. Through exploration and experimentation, I have experienced many of the fantasies and ideals I had convinced myself would fulfill my RL if given the opportunity. I learned, however, that many of these fantasies were more facades which only continued to distort my view of who I am and my purpose for being. Regardless of who I pretended to be, the end result was always the same...a feeling of being unfulfilled.

I believe that I chose my life journey, prior to being conceived (human and avatar). That some how I was predestined to walk this path of self-discovery over the infinite possibilities. To discover my "self"... who it is I am destined to be. As I've traveled, however, I have been waiting for this discovery as though it would just show up one day and set me free. I would have arrived at my destination, achieved the goal! What I am beginning to understand, is that life is not a destination or is a CHOICE, a decision, a process of creation. I am learning that I can create whatever life I want in each moment if I can let go of needing to control the outcome. Letting go of the disappointment of things not turning out exactly as I had planned, but accepting and appreciating that I may be (co)creating something new, of which I would have never planned for or expected on my own. A partner and friend of the "Infinite" which reminds me that there are no mistakes.

 ... and with that understanding, I am accepting that the answer to my problems is knowing that each person, place or situation placed in my path is exactly the way it is supposed to be at that moment.

I am listening to my heart
      and in each moment
            making a choice
               stepping out on faith
                    and creating my journey.
Join me in manifesting destiny!

With love, peace and blessings

"Sojourn of Arjuna" by Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

So Arjuna and Krishna
   you know they're hanging out on the battlefield
Arjuna is like tired of war,
   he's trying to get out of this battle
so Krishna drops a little science on him,
   he says "You know, it's the way of spiritual growth
    a man must go forth from where he stands
    he cannot jump to the absolute, he must evolve toward it."
Krishna says, "At any given moment in time we are what we are,
   Arjuna we have to accept the consequences of being ourselves
   and only through this acceptance can we begin to evolve further
   we may select the battleground but we cannot avoid the battle."


so Krishna tells Arjuna,
   "It follows therefore that every action under certain circumstances
     and for certain people may actually be a stepping stone
     to spiritual growth."
Arjuna is to do the best he knows
in order to pass beyond that best to better
How can we prescribe our neighbors to be perfect
when it is so hard to know our own heart?

The pacifist must respect Arjuna
Arjuna must respect the pacifist.
Both are going toward the same goal.
If they are really sincere
There's an underlying solidarity between them
Which can be expressed
Each one follows without compromise the path upon which he finds himself
   for we can only help others to do their duty
   by doing what we ourselves believe to be right
   it is the one supremely social act.

So, Krishna's reply to Arjuna occupies the rest of the story
It deals not only with Arjuna's immediate personal problem
But the whole nature of action
The meaning of life
   and the aims for which man must struggle here on earth.

At the end of the conversation Arjuna has changed his mind
He's ready to fight, he's ready to go ahead on
It is the way of spiritual growth
   a man must go forward from where he stands
   he cannot jump to the absolute
   and the battle begins...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SL/RL Synthesis Note (23): "Yes, We Can!"

Originally Posted 11/05/2008

Song of the Moment: “Believe” by Q-Tip feat. D’Angelo (lyrics below)

Yes We CAN!!!

November 5, 2008 - As I write this family, I am so emotional my hands are shaking. I am so filled with joy, hope, and love with what I witnessed yesterday and last night. The election yesterday wasn’t just about the man who won, but the power of unity. A collective of people united for a purpose.. and a dream conceived, manifested! You made this happen… YOU the person reading this… the vital one of the whole.

As I stood in line for over 2 hours in the rain to cast my ballot, my heart was overwhelmed by the diversity of the faces, many of them smiling…perfect strangers connecting with one another, each moved to have their individual voices heard.

For many, the idea of Barak Obama, being elected President seemed unreal, but for a united majority, there was hope and belief in the possibility. The most seemingly impossible things, in this grand universe of infinite possibilities, manifests when there is genuine *belief* that it CAN happen. Think about all that is tangible around you. Look up from your screen, look around you and appreciate the power of conception…of a dream! The very computer screen on which you are reading this now started only as a conceived idea, that then someone believed could actually be done, although at the time, they may not have been sure how.

It is only when “belief” comes forth that something within us is activated. It becomes TRUE for us and then we need only focus on the process to have that dream manifest.

Last night was a victory, but the battle is only just beginning. This transforming moment was full acknowledgement that we each have, as individuals, the ability to impact a greater whole. And so now, we must move as a united collective toward bringing about the change we all have made clear we want and need. It is not ONE man that will make the difference, but ONE CONSCIOUSNESS…the belief of the people that we can each make a difference and BE all that we dream of becoming.

It is my hope that what has happened here will inspire others in their belief about the power of the collective when each individual is united for change. We are all (and must continue to be) the moving force in this process. A time of apathy is behind us! We must be ready to support and encourage one another to maintain this trust in change and belief in its manifestation.

Today, however, lets rejoice in our victory….. our UNITY… we are One, under God, INDIVISIBLE. Together we STAND!

One love… Bless XOXO

“Believe” by Q-Tip feat. D’Angelo

  That’s love (that’s love)
  That’s love
  That’s love (that’s love)
  That’s love (that’s love)


Of the things you believe
There’s a whole lot of work,
  we should roll up our sleeves
  and we got to hold firm
  we’re unfaithful while conceiving
Why doubt your plans
  ‘cause its all worth believing
We can make it work – do believe that
Leave mistrust in the dust
  and believe that
 we can achieve tact
By tuning out negative feedback
 Macicist can hate
  we concentrate to bring belief back
  and to ourselves and to the world,
  and to the rap game – MCs are miserable,
  they’re muse emotional, even light remains
Man look we holding out for the truth
If we're alone and aloof
We gonna hold for the proof
Man put it and believe it
Believe in believing
Seeing ain’t believing
It’s the feeling that we’re needing
Believe in each other
Put the question to the system
They promise and return? then question what your gettin’
We should believe in the reasons we existing
Time for renaissance to reawaken what is within
Belief can confirm, make it is when it isn’t
Sometimes I wish I had belief when I didn’t

  That’s love (that’s love)
  That’s love

In the land of make believe
Tryin’ to make ‘em believe the unbelievable
Taking believe to the realm of the real
Believe in the shit that’s force fed through the media
Believing its real, when it’s really a raw deal
Never disbelieve when you see human miracle
Like ghetto children shining bright in Babylon
Believing that
Don’t believe in stat.s
  To the contrary – you gotta be weary of those theories
Carry On

People find belief when they don’t find identity
Believe in your friends, don’t believe in your enemies
Mountains of doubt and disbelief are in front of you
TRUTH’s on the other side, what you gonna do?

Oooo I BE-LI-EVE ooo that’s love (that’s love)
Oooo I BE-LI-EVE ooo that’s love (that’s love)

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