Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Memorial - September 11, 2001 (prayer)

Loving God ... we are so grateful for your presence in around and through us
We can feel the love of those lost 10 years ago this day, as their bodies have left us, but their souls never die. We pray for peace in the hearts of their families, especially their children so that they are better able to understand your Divine Grace and Will.
We are knowing and affirming your Love is with us always and that although we do not always know the greater plan, that it is your love that provides what is needed for the greater good of mankind.
We pray for Divine Wisdom in the hearts and minds of the leaders of the world that they are open and receptive to hearing your voice
and we pray that they are guided and lead by that Wisdom and that your Divine Will be done
And so we release any feelings of anxiety or fear that may linger in our minds and allow that space to be filled with your Love and Peace.
Thank you God for this life
Thank you God for our living soul
…and thank you for your essence with connects and binds us together in your love.
and so it is... Amen (Ra)

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