Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Living In Fearless Emotion (a poem)

Living In Fearless Emotion

Born from Divine Oneness
Seeking destiny
Human flesh makes tangible

The reality of life
And its guarantee
Is that each day
Will be filled with uncertainty

Sometimes we laugh
Sometimes we cry
Living In Fearless Emotion
We wonder “why?”

Every tear, on each face
Tastes the same
Doesn’t matter the difference
In color, place or name

Life’s test is to question
The things that we see
Although born from perfection
We’re part of life’s impurity
Divinely chosen existence
We experience vibration
hurt, joy, fear, pain
Live to feel each sensation

Walk life’s journey as our body grows old
Become Peace by piece

© Acuminous Watanabe (2012)


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