Friday, July 6, 2012

"Eshu's (Elegba) Release" a poem

i was so tired of running
on the journey
my steps had become
like those
of a dead man walking

i’d whispered in the dark
prayers of relief
gone unanswered
and moved
like a zombie crisp
from high heather

approaching a crossroad
my shadow looming
i watched as my singular view
lost convergence

at the critical split
the sun’s hue
refracted against your cool glare
i blinked three times
third eye blurred
by the hazy ripples
but I saw you there.
"Elegba at The CrossRoads" by Karmella Hines  (2003)
Felt your beckon too
but resisted
don’t take too kindly to
and you, there
at that time
in that space
sure seemed strange
to me

intoxicated by persistence
i could not resist
what appeared to be
a compass
in your hand

i was already hot
but drawn to you
feeling your blaze
somewhere inside I knew
…to follow you…

strapped on my wings
like Icarus
that Bird’s Eye view
would help me to know which
path to take

i felt you lift me
and moved like air
through the blazing heat
into pure ecstasy

i ‘d never felt such
complete abandon
Uninhibited, Unrestricted
with you at my underwing
I believed…
I was free

“Higher, higher” I demanded
until at once
i realized you were not there
from a distance I could see you
through the haze,
out of my reach

panic ensued
fear consumed me
and became sadness
and sadness
became rage
you’d abandon-ed me
when I most needed you

but then I realized you were
…still watching..
and I realized I had
…come this far
…and I realized
I Could Fly

and so
i exhaled the last tear
called forth your gift
…Authentic Faith…
allowed my wings to catch the wind
pulled up
and left the crossroad behind me…

Acuminous Watanabe © 2012

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