Sunday, April 8, 2012

"my Bindi" a poem

west winds blew
and the brush unsettled
sweeping me into promise
of sweet serenity
holding onto withered branches
He caressed each finger
tenderly loosening the binds what could not be

gentle peace lines his breath
each word engendering surrender
beckoning me along the pathway
i follow faithfully, my heart pounds
fighting the resistance to

a pause in the trail
I am engulfed in fear
Forgetting Everything is All Right
His steps firmly planted
supporting each stumble
tenderly cradling
...each need.

abating doubt once more
and once more again
unaffected by the uncertainty
He carries each burden
my boulder, His stone
and securely insists
...His lead.

His patience unwavering
His certainty reassures
enraptured by his strength
enfolded with is love
His hand I accept and walk

...and into the wilderness
He nurtures and guides
each step a new promise
each breath a renewal
with each heartbeat love woven

embracing the flaws
tending each wound
He masterfully reaches
pulling forward my light
with strength I move with certainty His side, peacefully.

authenticity opened the way
good faith encouraged my stay
His truth a symbol of faith
made tangible in his embrace
a place made within my soul,
...forever my Bindi.

(c)2012 Acuminous Watanabe

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