Friday, March 2, 2012

"Souls MATE" a poem

i want someone to love
who will love me back
who will stop at nothing
to keep Our bond in tact

someone who will not suppose
instead confidently asks
and who will make my happiness
a high priority task

i want someone to love me
with all His soul and  might
who's not afraid to confront me
because I'm worth the fight

Nature's Embrace by Josephine Wall 
i want and need to be held
laid down sweet and tender
i want to give Him all of me
and feel total surrender

i want someone to love me
who is not ashamed
to hold and to cry with me
when i am in pain

i want someone to feel me
my love is so intense
have him accept me fully
even if i don't make sense

i want Our love to symbolize
for all who care to see
the beauty that is in God's love
sent through Him to me

i want to know the longing
the aching i endure
the burning from the passion
from which Our soul's made pure

i want someone to share my heart
Our fire like the Sun
Our hearts in love are intertwined
Souls Mate becoming
  ...Divine One...
(c) 2012 Acuminous Watanabe

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