Friday, June 15, 2012

"The CrossRoad" a poem

seeking Divine Serenity
her teardrops fall so tenderly
she accepts the change
hopes for tomorrow
prays for relief from her sorrow

finding Courage
she finds her grace
rises from darkness
and wipes her face

she knows
that she must be strong
although the path
appears too long

Elegbara at the Crossroads by Barbara Nesin
North and South
East and West
she doubts she’s ready
for this quest

in each direction
so much unknown
but she must choose
or suffer on

the Sun relentless
with its heat
reminds her “Will”
must move her feet

Divine Wisdom
whispers sweet insight
“Away from darkness
toward the Light.”

she inhales deeply
and exhales Peace
turns to her shadow
the fear has ceased.

Her journey of a thousand miles
begins today
…and so she smiles.

Acuminous Watanabe © 2012

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