Sunday, November 17, 2013

On Wearing The White Hat

Its been a hectic few weeks for me and I've endured many challenges and transitions. Today I was finally able to catch up on one of my favorite shows and as I reflected on the development of one of the most amazing characters ever created for television, I realized how much I would like to emulate her. I hold no judgements around her romantic life and find it to be a very passionate and entertaining aspect of the plot. I love the power the love in her heart has over those who are closest to her. It is her "Gladiator" sense, and "white hat" ethics that I adore and applaud most about her.

I sat down with my journal and decided to capture those aspects of her that I most endeavor to mirror as I move forward wearing my own "white hat" in a way that allows those attributes to pervade both my personal and professional lives. Here is what I have decided:

Olivia Pope is a woman who trusts her gut, makes the highest choice, uplifts others and inspires change. She is a woman of vision and purpose. She is a gladiator.

Here is what is needed to be a true “White Hat” Gladiator:
1) Have a clear plan and sense of purpose: Understand your gift and how it can be best used in this world to help others.
2) Be decisive: Willing to take the next best step and to change course (rather than avoid the choice initially) if things are not moving in a direction aligned with your “plan and purpose”
3) Willing to take risks
4) Transparent and authentic in every situation: Respectful of others, but assertive in stating your "truth"
5) Self accountable and willing to take responsibility for your actions
6) Driven and focused in executing a plan: Setting realistic objectives to achieve each goal and following through
7) Passionate, but prudent relative to matters of the heart: Purpose first, pleasure second
8) Humility: willingness to accept the insights and perspectives of others to gain a full picture
9) Receptivity to change when the shifts support  your “plan and purpose”
10) Acceptance that wearing the white hat will not always win popular opinion and willingness to stay true to your own convictions in fulfilling your life purpose.

The question now becomes whether I am willing to do whatever it takes to have the life that I want? That includes sacrificing any and everything/one that interferes with that plan.

Are you? <3


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