Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Full Pink Moon in Aries

April has been an intense month! I feel anxious anticipating the upcoming Full Pink Moon and lunar eclipse this week. I know part of this mood comes from being attuned to the energy shifts as the full moon approaches. My body has become accustomed to this and over the past year or more follows the cycle of the moon. I've come to know when it is coming without even looking at the calendar! :)

We've experienced so many energetic and spiritual shifts in the last 2 years and the Full Moon and eclipse on April 15 (3:52AM EDT) will mirror the same event which occurred in the SAME location in the sky last October. Then we also had a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries/Libra. It's rare that we get a second chance to release old karmic behavior in relationships, but there is clearly stellar guidance to look at the last 6 months and begin to ask what it is time to finally let go of. Its an important step as we work toward yet another lunar eclipse next month when we'll be settling into new values for our lives.

Last October I experienced the most devastating loss of my life when my Grandfather passed away. It began a spiral of shifts and changes in my life and a reordering of my priorities. The highs included a reconnection with my family that had been missing for too long. The lows brought an evaluation of my career and purpose and decisions about the direction I wish for my life to take moving forward.

I am nervous, but hopeful about what lies on the horizon. I know what I want, but am prepared to accept whatever is best for my life and all connected to it (even if it means letting go of things I have hoped for, for a very long time).

I invite you to join me in opening and releasing those behaviors and relationships that no longer serve our lives in ways that bring a sense of fulfillment, enjoyment and happiness. Its an opportunity to look at where we have made mistakes and change how we behave in relationships and the type of people we choose. Where were your relationships last October and how have they improved, or shown you where improvement is needed? Reflect on the love you want in the next 48 hours and release those things or people that serve as barriers to having your deepest needs and desires met. Together we make room for something better and more enriching for ourselves and those we love.

Many blessings <3

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