Friday, January 10, 2014

The Matrix, Philosophy and manifesting destiny ;)

Song of the Moment:
Jose Carretas feat. Dani - Take Your Time

I have been feeling inspired lately to return to Second Life to assist others in experiencing the awakening I have felt having explored the feelings, sensations, relationships, successes and failures of my virtual life. It has truly been a Second Coming... and one of deep conscious exploration and awareness. 

I now understand things that I could only grasp in concept 7 years ago when I logged onto the grid for the first time. I think sometimes that if I shared how perfectly synchronistic this journey has been, I would sound either ridiculously optimistic or insane. Each new insight was provided via the artistic creations of residents, writings of virtual bloggers, music selected by “artists of the turntable” or the pixel to personal relationships I’ve developed, learned from and let go of… or continue to enjoy.

The impetus was the creation of the SL/RL Relationships Discussion group which I started out of confusion about what was happening to me while playing this “game” and needing desperately to connect with others who could understand what I was going through. I have missed sharing those experiences and realized it has been one grand "Thought Experiment" as I have challenged my own subjective experience of reality using the magic and wizardry of the digital world.

Stay tuned for information on the format and schedule for opportunities to explore your own thoughts and experiment in a way, I believe will allow you to manifest your deepest desires, if you allow it.

In the interim, I want to share a video I was guided to as I finalize my decision to move forward with this project…

"The Matrix" is my MOST favorite movie of all time! If you are a Second Life resident and have never seen it, you owe it to yourself to grab some popcorn and watch!  For those of you who have seen it, this documentary focuses on the symbolic, metaphysical and philosophical insights from the trilogy and opens the way for some great questions to ponder ... If you haven't begun to ask already...

View the 60 minute video “Philosophy and the Matrix” here

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