Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SL/RL Synthesis Note (48): "Life Is Worth Living"

The news of the Death of Don Cornelius by suicide came as a real shock to me. Contemplating how a man who seemingly had it all, ...wealth, fame, legacy… could not find happiness or understand his value and purpose enough to feel the value of LIFE opens the way to consider what we make priority.

Its caused me to reflect deeply on my relationships in Life, first and second and the number of people I encounter who are hurting so deeply, although wearing a fearless mask, and are struggling to find their value and purpose too.

Life is complicated, and people never change when things are going well. Our world is filled with messages that encourage our fears and sometimes we get stuck because we worry that we will make a mistake, or there is nothing better.

There is always something better, when you are not happy.


However, sometimes in the grand “role play” that is living, we have to experience discomfort in what is familiar to discover something new…something greater…than we knew existed in our current understanding. Pain is part of Joy. Hate is part of Love. One could not exist without the other. To live in FEARLESS emotion is to understand that the obstacles in our lives are TRULY opportunities to learn something new, to grow in have faith. Giving up should never be an option, because more often than not, around the corner is the bliss we feel is eluding us.

I pray that Don is now at peace and that the family he leaves behind is able to move through this pain now imposed upon their lives in a way that helps illuminate their true purpose…. It certainly has for me…

You are beautiful, you have value, your life has a purpose

…and if no one has told you today, I love you!

In peace,

p.s. I wrote the attached poem in honor of Don and all of us who have struggled and may be struggling. Live life in fearless emotion. LIVE LIFE in FEARLESS EMOTION… God bless XO

Living In Fearless Emotion (a poem)

Living In Fearless Emotion

Born from Divine Oneness
Seeking destiny
Human flesh makes tangible

The reality of life
And its guarantee
Is that each day
Will be filled with uncertainty

Sometimes we laugh
Sometimes we cry
Living In Fearless Emotion
We wonder “why?”

Every tear, on each face
Tastes the same
Doesn’t matter the difference
In color, place or name

Life’s test is to question
The things that we see
Although born from perfection
We’re part of life’s impurity
Divinely chosen existence
We experience vibration
hurt, joy, fear, pain
Live to feel each sensation

Walk life’s journey as our body grows old
Become Peace by piece

© Acuminous Watanabe (2012)

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