Wednesday, April 27, 2011

...Singed... (a poem)

Broken wings
Cause my unrest
Ever lower
Forever falling

Resting upon Infinite Ocean
Drifting upon the waves
In the darkness
The tides carry me

Each day a stagnant shifting
Watching tides wash ashore
No storm in these waters
So quiet their turning stale

Though water abound
My thirst unquenched
I am restless
I am sinking

And then he arrives
He is the sun
Vibrant and hot…forbidden
Rays caressing each crest
Drawing his light
…Upon Me

As he fades into the dark
The night brings cold
Darkness replaces his warmth
Thoughts of his heat

The ache boils over me
Brings new life to these wings
The attention gives new meaning
…To each day

Where I slowly stir the water
And every day is the same
I am warm, I am wet
Didn’t know it could be
..this way

Thrashing about,
The waters swell
Thick with current
I feel my Self moving
Stirring about
“I am yours.”
…I say

Wings spread eagle
And when he rises
His rays like fire
I am drawn into him

The attention keeps me
Hanging on each day
Each wound cauterized
Each ember authorized
I cling to him

It is a dance
Fire against Water
Against Fire
Evaporate … condensate
Into tears

Ascertain my wings are singed
Playing with fire, burned by sin
Become still and I let go
and I Am
Set Free…


Mark said...

Wow. I love your poetry. Though I've been a member of the group for some time, I just "discovered" your blog. You are an old, beautiful soul, Acuminous. The world is a nicer place because you are here. Keep being you.
Helvidius Protagonist

Acuminous Watanabe said...

Thanks Mark/Helvidus. Your words have certainly humbled me :)

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