Friday, April 29, 2011

"Struggle Ain't No Sleepin' Dog" a poem

i am finally saved, i declare outright
of course that's if you forget last night
two steps forward, three steps back
indecision keeps my binds intact

i forget about you every day
fighting the need to stay away
wasting time like a vagabond
turning back, the inevitable prolonged

emptier than a hollow tree
chasm of loneliness inside of me
the voices argue
a critical debate
am i coming or going
is this really our fate

i ask AGAIN,  "do you want More?"
quite aware of what is in store
out of stock
out of time
wounded heart
broken bind

stop, no, leave, stay
please take the pain away
memories crying "i love him so"
heart longing for healing pleads...
Let Go...

© 2011 Acuminous Watanabe


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