Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prayer for Tornado Victims (Southern United States)

Divine Spirit, One of Life source and supply, I am humbled by your awesome presence. I am grateful for the challenges that serve as spiritual teachings and lessons allowing us to grow closer in our understanding of Divine Purpose. I call upon Divine Order for those affected by the Tornados in the Southern US recently and pray they are open and receptive to hearing your guidance as they move forward in restoring their lives. I call upon Divine Courage and pray for healing of the mind, body and spirit of those recovering as they gather the strength to being the process of renewal. Remind them Sweet Spirit that when things fall apart it offers an opportunity to pick up only the pieces you truly need, leaving behind what no longer serves...and to begin again. I release this prayer to You Mother/Father God knowing your Will is ALWAYS done, even as these words are spoken...and so it IS. Amen (Ra)


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