Friday, November 18, 2011

SL/RL Synthesis Note (45): "…On Being Ambiguous…"

Song of the Moment: “Closer” by Shawn McDonald

Make Up Your MIND…
    Just say YES…

As simple as it sounds, when at a crossroad making a choice can be an overwhelming experience. More often than not, the stumble is in reflecting and realizing that we already know what choice must be made, but must find the courage to make it. Until we come to the place where we can say “no” to something that has not worked and “yes” to something other than that, we spin in circles sometimes spiraling into some of our darkest life periods. The goal of life is to say YES to those things in our path that call to the joy in our hearts,  and then accepting that it also means saying “No” to other paths available even when they may provide temporary relief to a choice we may be struggling with. We can only be in one place at one time, and so we must walk one path at a time.

Living a “Second Life” of course can complicate these matters because you can, in effect, walk two paths at once. The challenge though is that even with 2 lives (or 3 or 4 dependant upon how many alternate lives you may be living with various avatars) there is only one human operator and therefore you can only be “present” and be available as one “self” at a time. Trying to juggle several paths at once will never allow you to fully be “present” to one goal. To live and enjoy it; to contemplate it and discover new ways to navigate it; to move swiftly toward the fulfillment of it. Straddling two choices IS also a choice, akin to riding with one of each feet on two different tracks. Ultimately what works as a parallel ride will still bring you to a place of separation and you must decide which direction you want to go. Tangibly or spiritually two tracks are never intended to run parallel forever... why would there be a need for both?

We make choices all day, every day for the duration of our lives. Life IS but a series of choices, one after another, moving us toward more experiences, maturity and wisdom. In relationships, sometimes it is the choice another has made, that puts us in the precarious situation of then having to make a choice of our own. We sometimes get stuck, when we are unable to accept the choice another has made, and hold on to the hope that they will change their mind. The pain of waiting, then ensues sometimes moving us to do and be things we might never had considered, in hopes that the person will choose again … and say “yes” to you once more. What is it you are living in the meantime? What is it that you must say “No” to in your life, that might bring you to a happier place than you are experiencing while “in wait”. The reality is, whatever it is you are saying “yes” to precludes many other options. Conversely, when you do say “yes” to something, it creates a pathway toward that goal for you, and if you are saying “yes” to a closed door, there really isn’t must distance for the wear unless the person behind it chooses to open it. Do you really want a life that is lived contingent upon the actions of another? …I’m just sayin’… Coming to the realization that a choice must be made in and of itself can be an epiphany moment. Making the choice, however, can be a long, arduous process that puts our life on hold…and what a sad, isolated existence that can become!

When we are born, we leave that comfortable symbiotic space that is the womb, and are delivered into infinite possibilities. Life becomes a series of choices by which we are narrowing down the prospects into a series of paths that slowly converge into what we call life. Early on our caretakers give us the tools we will use to carve our lives into our personal existence. Our eulogy then becomes a recap of the paths we’ve chosen and our life’s hope that each road has led to happiness and fulfillment. Each choice brings us closer to a more clearly defined path shaping our sense of purpose and …our relationships.

Its time… NOW… CHOOSE …and LIVE … Stop procrastinating…

Just say “YES!”



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