Friday, November 11, 2011

He's Back...Yeah! (a poem)

Ding Ding! gasp, swallow
I feel so hollow
My heart races, I look down
Its not him… “Damn!”
   my smile fades to a frown

I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you
Maybe it’s the things you say, the way you do, what you do
When you’re away, thoughts of you relentlessly taunt my mind
I’m like a fiend searching for a drug I cannot find.

Ding Ding! gasp, swallow
Close my eyes and breath deep
“hey sista, girl how you been…”
Damn, how disappointing…
I respond “nothing much girlfriend.”

Minutes, hours, trying to pass the time away
Watching my screen closely for a sign you’ll log on today
Seems my only existence in this virtual space
  is planning, plotting, negotiating…feels like an endless chase.
Its a game, with no winner
These thoughts…desires…cravings, make me a sinner

Sapiosexuality at its finest…
Mmmm, pleasure for the mind
Lick my lips at each thought of you,
Each thought another bind

It’s all about you
Pixelated pleasure, virtual yet so real
It’s all about me
The way your words make me feel
It’s all about we
The fantasies so sweet
 like honey dripping from the keys
My eyes crave a treat.

Ding Ding! gasp, swallow
A flash across the screen
“hey, how you been”
I moan then startle, not knowing what to say.
I pause, breath a moment,
He’s back…yeah!
I smile, position myself, place my fingers on the keys
Time to play…

by Acuminous (c) April 2009
written for the in-world Egbe Akowe Writing Group


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