Friday, November 11, 2011

One Enchanted Moment (a poem)

It feels as though a lifetime has passed.

Broken, bent and beatten
Like a child in the wilderness,
I searched the tree tops and river banks,
brush and meadow
mountain and valley
pieces of me, longing for you.

Guided by voices,
My mind a map of words,
I turned left and turned right – holding my breath
Hoping that soon… just a bit farther
Your arms would be waiting.

The days, months, the years passed by
Time so fast, yet so still
The wilderness no longer wild,
Became my solitude.
i am one with it
 but still feel the longing and struggle on,
seeking your grace, your comfort
…to at last find you.

engulfed by the monotony
My heart weary and filled with fear.
The screams of my mind remind me
…i am not yet worthy.
Thoughts shrouding secrets of my heart.

No longer able, full of resentment and disgust,
I fall to my knees and cry out to you—
my arms reach desperately,
As I stare into nothingness
 through tear soaked eyelids
and call your name

“LOVE…why do you forsake me?
  I surrender…please release me!”

I close my eyes,
pressing my warm face
to the cool, moist ground
and in that moment
I Am

My heart is filled with
The secrets of trees’ whispers… “now, yes Now”
The hidden words of birds singing “Now, yes Now”
The quiet release of the rivers’ babbling “Now, Yes NOW”

Pieces now One,
I Am One

written for the in-world Egbe Akowe Writing Group (c) July 2009


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