Friday, March 18, 2011

"The Chasm" a poem

The chasm
Nearly swallowed me
It was so dark
I could not see

My eyes were closed
My conscious shifted
I felt your presence
I nearly drifted

Into a cold and weary end
My heart was broken
It would not mend

But in the wind
I heard you say
“There is a gap
So I will stay

‘til you are ready
to leave this place
I’ll stand in this gap
And keep you safe.”

I felt alone
‘though alone I’m not
I could not make
The intense pain stop

Your hand extended
I could not see
Though it was
Right in front of me

I felt afraid
The hurt so deep
I could not eat
I could not sleep

Slowly began
To fall away
Into the gap
“Take me...” I pray

and then I saw a silhouette
Ahazy vision
Interrupts regret

This gentle light
I could not see
Begins to grow
Envelopes me

And from within
There is a feeling
Familiar but distant
It is a healing

So from the chasm
I turn to You
Feel Your embrace
Finally a breakthrough

Love’s never lost
But sometimes displaced
It leaves path
That can be retraced

The light now glowing
I clearly see
The arms of Love
…have set me free…

 ©Acuminous Watanabe


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