Friday, March 11, 2011

Call for Support in Japan (SL/RL Synthesis Note [39] "Tree of Life"

After meditating this morning, I again became cognizant of the tree in my yard that sometimes obstructs my view of the water. As  I reflected on the number of times this awareness occurs when I am feeling less than joyful, I went back into meditation. I thought about the people in Japan being affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami and about the challenges of life, ...those expected and unexpected challenges that can turn our world upside down. I could see in my mind’s eye a Baobab tree, in Africa known as the Tree of Life, and the spiritual principles represented in the Kemetic Tree of Life for ways to navigate life’s cycles.

I was inspired to write the poem I’ll share below that I gently combed after an SL log in. A request for prayer went out to one of my groups and I submitted the following words to channel my love to those affected. Please allow my words to be your words, if you like or take one moment to offer silent affirmations for these other human beings in need.

Peace and many blessings unto you ….

I love you!

Sweet Spirit, We come to you humbled by your Divine Grace, knowing and affirming that it is Your Will at work always in our lives . We  call upon Divine Love  as our spirits are moved to send affirming loving energy to those affected by the tsunami and ask that you embrace them with Our light, enfold them with our love and provide them peace of mind and heart so that they are open and receptive to your Grace, Healing and Wisdom as to how to move forward in their lives. We release this prayer knowing that all things are ultimately for your good and that even as we read this it is done, it is done it is ALWAYS done. and so we bless this...together... so it Is... Amen (Ra)

Tree of Life

It is the tree
It is the tree
Calling out to me

It asks why there are tears in my eye
It asks what cause has made me cry

I do not answer
It’s just a tree
I am of sound mind
A tree cannot speak

The leaves begin to rustle
The branches sway
The wind whispers to me
“It doesn’t have to be this way.”

I close my eyes, feeling anxious
For it must be a dream
My face floods with water
My eyes have lost their gleam

A leaf falls close to me
It brushes over my feet
I’m reminded I am grounded
I prepare my voice to speak

“How I wish I were as strong
and majestic as this tree
Every day and every season
Experiencing life, living carefree

No boss to direct its branches
No family to bind it down
No obstacles or obligations
To bring this tree top down

The tree says …
“There are seasons
When it gets very cold
Although my branches feel weak in these storms
They nourish other souls”

“I know the seasons always change
Voices of life renewed are sounded
With every year that passes
My roots more firmly grounded.”

The message gives my mind great pause
My heart slowly releasing
And love enfolds the empty space
My misery is ceasing

“I am the tree!” I say out loud
And so the tree I am
One and the same, cycle of life
I begin to understand

For what goes up
Must come down and up it will again
But time…the only healer
Makes way for wounds to mend

Standing near the majestic trunk
My palms against its bark
I sweep my hand along its length
Until my back is arched

I close my eyes inhale this dream
The wind begins to blow
Again I feel I am at peace
And rest in Spirit’s flow.

 ©Acuminous Watanabe


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