Monday, March 3, 2014

Tact and Diplomacy in Hell

Last week I posted this meme on my FB wall and decided to take it on as a challenge...

"I've been thinking lately of all of the memorable experiences you've given me.  I feel like the journey we've had together is transitioning into something new and am excited about what lies ahead for both of us. I see you moving into a place of warm contemplation allowing the fire of your path to consume you fully. I encourage you to embrace that fire and allow the firm foundation of that space to serve as a safe platform to launch into the depths of the dark unknown. I affirm you are deserving of all that awaits you there and will watch, with joy, from the horizon as you reap all that you have sown. Enjoy the path… and blessings upon that beloved one." how'd I do? (chuckles)

In Love ;)


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