Saturday, February 15, 2014

Living Without Sin

Song of the Moment: Love Will Save The Day feat. Miss Modest by JD73

A stunning portrait crossed my feed yesterday that inspired me to write tonight. This is an example of the alchemy of the Self, digitally. I logged on, had the most amazing photography cross my feed and as I allowed myself to be absorbed into its artistry... symbols, ideas and inspiration began to emerge. 

I contacted Giselle, who is a model in-world and had the portrait done to reflect overcoming a difficult time in her life. She said to me as I inquired about it: “I had this photo made because even when my life was turned upside down I never missed my mark and push(ed) forward in spite of.” It was captured brilliantly as it is the feeling engendered in me when I saw it.

"The Foot Archer" used with permission
Giselle Chauveau Moore (

I reached out to Giselle because the symbolism of the piece is exceptional. I explained to her that few know that literally the word “sin” is an archery term that means "missing the mark.” I continued, that the term as originally used in a Christian context means we that we have not understood what our focus should be placed upon. Forgiveness is about accepting that you have gone in the wrong direction and are choosing another path. 

Additionally, the "Passion" of Christ is also symbolized in some other forms of spirituality as a man hanged upside down. It is a releasing of the ego to allow something more Divine to take the lead. It symbolically means "the destruction of self brings life to humanity"

My inspiration was further guided tonight by a discussion with my in-world son, who came to me faced with being challenged in RL about his faith and lifestyle. He began questioning himself and as with most of us, questions of morality, guilt and shame were present. He usually comes to me at times like these and I am always happy to be a non-judgemental witness to his growth. I listened and responded:

“I can't tell you how to live your faith. It is a journey you walk alone. You have to come to your own understanding and become "a law unto yourself.” There are many interpretations of the bible. If you go to the Bible Gateway website, there are no less than 15 versions of it. You must also consider there are MANY MANY other religions and even more, "non-religions" all based upon faith. Morality resides within you, because even you will interpret whatever you read or hear in your own way based upon where you are in your life. Religion should be a guide, however, if YOU believe something in your life is "wrong" and feel shame, then you MUST examine it and then make a decision about it. No one can live your life but you. Noone will be accountable for YOUR decisions but YOU! Often people want to guide you to their way of living because you are making them uncomfortable within THEIR own faith, but you have no control over that.”

I then asked that he pray about it, decide and release it.

I would invite you to do the same as you move forward in your life. Empathy is guided not by religion, but our own inner compass as we experience and understand our lives and purpose. Happiness is God’s promise, but can only be evaluated by each of us in our own unique life experiences.

Allow yourself to hit the target… follow your bliss and live the life you have dreamed of.

Peace, Love and many Blessings 


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