Monday, July 4, 2011

"Keep It Moving" (a poem)

He comes in the night
She draws back her curtain
His words are convincing
Still she feels uncertain

He says "No drama"
and has no shame
"Don't hate the player
Hate the game.."

What she does not see 
Behind the screen
A human typist
and low self esteem

His ego is grand
When his face is hidden
and he'll go to places
That were once forbidden

His philosphy of life
Reveals his true weakness
His time in life spent
With little achievement

His friends list revealed
He reads like a book
If she is fast and easy
He drops the hook

but a Man, proudly certain
will sets his sights high
and will not settle
for a quickly raised thigh

Great effort produces
The highest aquisition
His desire aroused
By his soul's intuition

To conquer the woman
He most admires
Affirms to his soul
Worth of all he aspires

Perhaps in time
He will know his value
Look for depth in his life
and the Love he is due

Until then he'll continue
The pseudo expert of seduction
With the women in his path 
Victims of his destruction

Take heed willing lady
If His worth is left unproven
Save yourself the heartbreak
and  tell him... "keep it moving..."


Angel Tungsten said...

I LOVE this! Thank you for posting :)

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