Friday, June 7, 2013

The Art of Evolution (ChuckMatrix Clip)

I am always amazed by the creativity being in a virtual world can inspire. I logged on this afternoon and received a group notice about an art exhibition for an artist named Chuck M Clip who I had not heard of. The show is closing tonight (6/7/13) so I decided to read it through. I am SO glad I did. I stopped by before the party to view the works. The prim sculptures were so powerful, they brought tears to my eyes. Just amazing AMAZING stuff....

"Eve" by ChuckMatrix Clip

I "perved" Chuck's profile and discovered his gallery and again, I was overwhelmed by the emotions his 2D artwork and 3D sculptures engendered in me.  If you are able, stop by the gallery at

...but at a minimum view the video ♥


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